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Upcoming PSVR Could Let You Watch eSports Events


A new PSVR headset is expected to release with the upcoming PS5. Multiple patents have been filed by Sony that reveals that new features could be introduced with the arrival of the new PSVR. While patents are filed every day and companies might not work on them, these still give us a hint regarding what the future might hold for us.

The new PSVR patent hints at being able to view eSports events while wearing the headset. This is very interesting indeed. Not only will you be able to play games in VR but will be able to view content as well. Users in the VR headset will be watching eSports events just as if they were present in the arena. Users will be seated in what would be chairs in real life. You can check out the diagram below in order to get a better idea of what I am talking about.

new PSVR

The booths on the sides are where the pro teams will be seated. In the middle, there is a screen on which you can see the gameplay. There is a screen on either side that show footage of the pro teams. The new PSVR headset patent is described as follows:

A method including establishing a multi-player gaming session of a gaming application that generates an interactive gaming world, the live event being a real-world venue where players playing the gaming application are present. A 3D live view of the venue is generated based on captured video streams, and generated for a physical POV anchored to a physical location in the venue.


While we are talking about features of the upcoming PS5, it is possible that the console will have backward compatibility. The upcoming console could get more exclusive games compared to the PS4.

Let us know what you think about a new PSVR headset and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in buying.

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