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Fortnite: Advanced Tips On Combat and Weapons


Playing Fortnite, you will come across different types of weapon and situations. Thus, it is vital to be prepared for everything and know how to use the supplies you’ve found to your benefit!

Below, we have gathered some of the best weapon and combat-related tips to help you survive and win.

  1. Use The Full Potential Of RPGs

Many players choose this weapon only when they need to take down the enemy’s cover. However, there are many other ways to use it to your benefit. For example, it can come in handy on medium ranges.

  1. Switching Weapons

This is one of the vital skills, so take time to practice and master it. If you can change weapons quickly, you will have a significant advantage over your enemies. Besides, this skill will help you cause more damage.

  1. Use The Full Potential Of SMGs

Without a doubt, SMGs are excellent weapons for a battle. Not only it delivers severe damage, but also you can find plenty of ammo for it. Besides, there are many ways to use it with maximum advantage. For example, you can use it to shoot boxes with supplies or destroy buildings.

  1. Double Pump Technique

This is a fun and useful technique, so you should definitely master it! The idea is to attack and at the same time switch between two double pumps. It can help you deliver more damage and fire much faster.

  1. Choose Weapons You Like

You can find tons of reviews and tips on which guns to use, but we recommend you, first of all, to use the weapon YOU like and are comfortable with.

  1. Have Explosives

Do not neglect using explosives if you are aiming to be a pro player!

  1. Ambush Enemies With The Help Of Supply Drops

Have you ever considered building a base around supply drops to trap your enemies? If not, you should do it! This is an easy way to get some kills.

  1. Inventory Layout

It is a wise decision to keep your inventory well organized in each game. This way you will quickly switch between different items knowing exactly in which order they are stored.

  1. Spike Traps

Start using them if you still don’t. To ambush enemies, locate such traps on the ceiling and walls right next to the door.

Here is one more idea on how to use such traps: build a door on the first level of your building, and put a trap there right away. This will protect your cover, and we bet you will be surprised with a number of enemies that will get into this trap!

  1. Take Down Allies With Low HP

If you can see that your teammate is really low on HP, kill them and then revive. This is a quick way to recover your ally.

  1. Always Be Careful

This is a highly competitive game so you should never think you are safe. Always keep an eye on what’s going on around, listen to the sounds, and be ready to fight.

  1. Don’t Panic

No matter how bad the situation seems, the last thing you want to do is panic. In this state, all your actions are quite doubtful, so try to keep calm no matter what happens!

Hopefully, our tips will come in handy as you enter the battlefield. To take your performance even further, don’t forget to check out the best Fortnite Settings!

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