Ninja Sides With Pewds In T-Series Subscriber Battle


PewDiePie lost the subscriber war for the number one most subscribed YouTube channel recently. People from all around the world tried to get Pewds more subscribers so that he could continue to be the most subscribed YouTube channel and he even starting playing games again. The mega-corporation won in the end. T-Series CEO Bhushan Kumar called out PewDiePie on winning the battle and Ninja had a few things to say as well.

Kumar mentioned that he was not looking to become number one but he had to replay to Pewds and his comments. The following is Bhushan Kumar’s official statement regarding the matter:

We were never in this tussle to become number one or two with anyone but all along there were these sarcastic comments from PewDiePie. And that’s how we decided to respond to the comments. I launched the #BharatWinsYouTube campaign, seeking more subscriptions from Indians.

PewDiePie’s ‘Bitch Lasagna’ and ‘Congratulations’ songs have been banned in India and from what we have seen, the content creator is not taking any actions in order to restore them. Ninja, on the other hand, did side with Pewds and the following is what he said in response to T-Series CEO Bhushan Kumar:

Only issue with that, CHIEF, is that PewDiePie created content to mess around and have fun. T-Series took full legal action LOL.

Indeed Pewds was entertaining the masses and is a single creator. T-Series, on the other hand, is an organization with a lot of resources and some would say that taking legal action was overkill. Pewds is still the most subscribed individual on YouTube and that is a big deal. T-Series might have more subscribers now but Pewds will always have a place in the hearts of the fans.

We have included Pewds’ song “Congratulations”  in this article and a lyric worth noting is that it took a mega-corporation and every song in Bollywood in order to beat him. That is saying something.

Let us know what you think about Ninja siding with PewDiePie and whether or not you think what T-Series did was fair.

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