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Need For Speed 2019 Offers Street Racer vs Cops Fantasy

Need For Speed 2019

Need For Speed 2019 is expected to come out this year and we have got confirmation from EA that the game is going to be released sometime this year. Now we have some more information regarding the game. EA has confirmed that the new Need For Speed 2019 will offer the same street racer vs cops fantasy theme. We have seen this theme in the past and we have got some great Need For Speed games but it can get a bit boring over time.

The most recent games have offered a different theme. The last entry was more of a Fast and Furious type of game where the players were involved in heists rather than racing against cops. There were plenty of issues with the previous Need For Speed title. People were not fans of the cards system and there was significant rubberbanding which everyone could notice.

Hopefully, EA has learned from its mistakes and the upcoming Need For Speed 2019 will be different. Anthem has been a disaster and EA does not need another failed game in the near future. There is not a lot that we know about this upcoming game but with E3 around the corner, we could learn more in the upcoming months. You can expect to learn more details about Need For Speed 2019 at EA Play.

Need For Speed 2019

EA Access is coming to PS4 soon and we have talked about the pros and cons of the matter. EA has tried to fix Anthem but we have been hearing about the talent behind the game moving on to other projects. EA’s efforts to fix Anthem are not helping much and the things that have been implemented so far are so basic that they should have been part of the game at launch.

Let us know what you think about Need For Speed 2019 going back to cops vs racing style of gameplay and whether or not you are interested in playing the upcoming title.

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