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Play The Division 2 Raid Without Matchmaking

The Division 2 Raid

The Division 2 Raid Operation Dark Hours is going to release in a few hours and while there is no matchmaking system that Massive has implemented for the raid there is a way you can find enough people to play the game. If you are someone like me then there are chances that you do not have 7 friends to play the raid with.

It is also possible that you do not play The Division 2 on the same platform as other friends. A few of your friends might play the game on PC while others could be playing the raid on a console. Players have worked out a unique matchmaking system for The Division 2 Raid. Players that are interested in playing the Operation Dark Hours Raid should assemble near the Yellow Helicopter in the White House.

The Yellow Helicopter is supposed to start the Raid in Division 2, so that makes a lot of sense. Players that are ready to do the raid will be doing jumping jacks near the helicopter. This will allow you to add a couple of them into your squad and get to 8 players. This was suggested in a Reddit post and could work out in the end.

For more people to learn about this and implement the system, we need to spread awareness. You can go to the Reddit post and give it an upvote so that it ranks higher and you could also share this post in order to get the word to all The Division 2 agents out there that are interested in playing the Operation Dark Hours Raid in a few hours.

The first team to finish the raid will have its name inside the White House and will be immortalized in The Division 2 forever. This is a massive achievement and it will be interesting to see who completes the Operation Dark Hours Raid first.

The Division 2 Raid

We have previously talked about how The Division 2 is a perfect example of why developers should stick with new IPs and how the game is different from the previous one.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming Operation Dark Hours Raid and whether or not you are interested in checking it out.

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