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Destiny 2 News: Shadowkeep Expansion, Google Stadia Release

Destiny 2 News: Shadowkeep Expansion

Destiny 2 has announced the new upcoming expansion that is called Shadowkeep. The new expansion does not require getting the previous expansions and this is something that we will see in all the upcoming expansions as well. This is the first expansion that Bungie is publishing on its own.

The Shadowkeep expansion will take players to the moon, which is an area that was part of the first game as well. Bungie has also announced that the new Raid will be in the Black Gardens, which is something that we are looking forward to. Bungie has confirmed that PS4 will not get any exclusive content and that players will be able to cross-save their games now. This means that you do not have to buy the game on separate platforms if your friends are playing the game on another platform.

The Shadowkeep expansion will offer a more RPG experience and will come with new customization options for armor mods. Players will be able to use mods differently after the new expansion is released. Destiny 2 along with the Shadowkeep expansion and the previous DLC will be able on Google Stadia later this November.

Bungie has also announced that year 1 content is going to be free now in the form of the New Light experience. If you have not played Destiny 2 and are thinking about it then this is where you should start. You have access to year 1 content which includes bounties, the story, strikes and even the Leviathan raid. You get a lot of content for free.

We have also heard that Destiny 2 will be available on Steam when the Shadowkeep expansion comes out in September. This will allow even more players to play the game and Bungie will provide details regarding character migration later on.

Let us know what you think about the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion and whether or not this is something that you are interested in playing.

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