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CDPR Won Me Over With Cyberpunk 2077

CDPR Cyberpunk 2077

E3 2019 had plenty of new titles and old ones but nothing surpassed Cyberpunk 2077. Keanu Reeves was the cherry on top and announcing the release date of the game made everything much better. This is what we expected to hear at E3 2019 when it came to Cyberpunk 2077 and CDPR delivered.

I have been gaming for about 20 years now and I have not seen business practices, honestly and transparency compared to what I have seen from CDPR. Below I have highlighted some useful information that you might have missed at the E3 conference as well as some details that touched me that highlight why I am pre-ordering the game and why CDPR has won me over.

The game is coming out next year which is a callback to the tabletop game on which CB2077 is based on called Cyberpunk 2020.

Keanu Reeves As Johnny Silverhand

Keanu Reeves plays Johnny Silverhand and we can see why he is called that. He has a bionic arm. Johnny Silverhand is one of the major characters in the lore. He is a rockstar according to the lore but he dies before 2077. There is speculation that Johnny Silverhand is not real in the trailer as we do see him glitch.

In Cyberpunk 2077 you play as V and in the character creation part of the game, you can pick Johnny Silverhand as your childhood hero. Keeping that in mind, the part of the trailer that we saw could be some kind of a flashback or maybe it is a hologram of Johnny Silverhand. This is something very interesting indeed and we will have to wait for the mystery to be solved.

Why Cyberpunk 2077 Only Has Two Editions

A collectors edition of the game had a secret link in which CDPR answered some of the concerns that fans have. The company talked about why Cyberpunk 2077 only has two editions. In 2019 it is pretty normal for a game to have anywhere between 3 to 7 versions. CDPR mentioned that they did not want fans to look up the difference between the different versions and that is why they have kept things simple.

CDPR is setting an example with the standard edition of the game and mentioned that the devs have maxed out the box with goodies. The game is expected to release on 2 disks so there is not much space left anyways but you do get some goodies if you buy the physical version of the standard edition. The cover is reversible. You get a compendium that tells you about the setting of Cyberpunk 2077 and some of the lore. You also get postcards from Night City, the map of the city and some pins.

If you buy the digital version of the game then you get the game soundtrack, a digital art book that features some art of the game, the Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook and wallpapers for PC and mobile. This is all that you get in the standard version of the game and you are getting more than the deluxe editions of most games. Some retailers might have deals and can offer exclusive preorder bonuses like the samurai medalion that we have included below:

CDPR Cyberpunk 2077

Why No Gameplay Of Cyberpunk 2077 Was Shown At E3 2019

While we did not get to see the Cyberpunk 2077 demo, it was there at E3 2019. While it was not playable by the fans, they could watch the developers play the game. CDPR did mention that other people will be able to check out the demo at Gamescom and Pax. I am sure that fans are a bit upset but CDPR has provided an answer to why they have taken this route.

CDPR mentioned in the secret message that a lot of hard work has gone into making that demo and that is why the devs want it to be showcased at E3 and Gamescom. Even a few minutes long demo can take weeks of hard work so it is understandable that CDPR does not want to showcase the demo to everyone yet.

Taking this step by step approach will allow CDPR to create more hype around the game and will eventually attract more players to Cyberpunk 2077. CDPR mentioned that hype turns into sales and this is how the developers can continue making great games for the fans. The point here is that if the fans can wait a little bit then CDPR will be able to make better and more games for those fans. This is great, in my opinion.


Everyone is going to tell you that pre-ordering is not a great idea and that is true in most cases. We only recommend that you pre-order a game if you really want to support a developer and that is what CDPR has mentioned in the secret message. The developer mentions that you can pre-order the game if you want to support the company as it helps create anticipation for the game.

CDPR also mentioned that is you are hesitant then you should wait for more material or reviews of the game before you buy Cyberpunk 2077. CDPR mentioned that it does not want you to regret your pre-order.

Let us know what you think about Cyberpunk 2077 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out next year.

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