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Phil Spencer Explains How Xbox Scarlett Will Handle Higher FPS And Resolution

Phil Spencer Xbox Scarlett

When the Xbox One X was announced it was marketed as being able to deliver 4K 60 FPS performance. Microsoft mentioned that while the console is capable of delivering those numbers it will be up to the developer to optimize the game accordingly. The same is going to be the case with Xbox Scarlett.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that while the Xbox Scarlett will be capable of delivering up to 8K resolution and 120 FPS, it will be up to the developer to decide whether or not it is going to take advantage of that power. The developer could optimize its game for 1080p 120 FPS, 4K 60 FPS or 8K 30 FPS. First party titles might take advantage of the higher resolution but the same cannot be said about the third-party games. Phil Spencer went on to mention the following:

Working with AMD, we were able to hit CPU, memory, bandwidth, and even SSD that was going to allow us to stream data fast enough to get to frame rates where we felt like the increased visual fidelity would be matched by the feel that we would be able to bring. And that was a design goal that we set for ourselves with Scarlett.