Nintendo Responds To Switch Mini Reports

nintendo switch mini

The Nintendo Switch Mini has been rumored for a while now. It is supposed to be a cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch with the joycons integrated into the device. While rumors and leaks regarding the existence of such a product have been circulating over the internet for a while now, we have had no official confirmation from Nintendo.

Nintendo mentioned that it is aware of the reports and speculations in a recent shareholders meeting. Here is what the company had to say about the Nintendo Switch Mini:

We acknowledge that there have been reports [about this]. Answering to rumors and speculations would end up stealing surprises from our customers and also be unprofitable to all of our shareholders, so we have no answer to that. As a general theory, we are always performing development of new hardware.

Nintendo is known for keeping thing to itself. Nintendo is not going to confirm that the Nintendo Switch Mini is in the works until it has something concrete to show the fans. Even though this statement is pretty generic, it is worth noting that Nintendo has not denied the existence of the Nintendo Switch Mini.

nintendo switch mini

It has been speculated that the Switch Mini might not come with the dock. This would be a way of keeping the cost low. I think that the Nintendo Switch Mini would be a great handheld device if it is priced around $199. This could be similar to the price of the PS4 Slim and Xbox One S on sale.

People that do not like the price point of the standard Switch would be interested in an inexpensive Switch Mini. Nintendo does have the games and the online services to support the handheld. All it needs to do is release new hardware.

Let us know what you think about the Switch Mini and whether or not this is something that you would be interested in getting if the price is right.

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