Dr Disrespect Finally Talks About His Twitch Ban

Dr Disrespect Twitch

Guy Beahm, also known as Dr Disrespect was banned recently from Twitch. He was streaming in a public bathroom which is against the law in the state of California. Since the bad, the streamer has been silent about what happened. Dr Disrespect finally broke the silence on Twitter and mentioned what had happened.

He talked about Dr Disrespect being a character that he plays and playing the character authentically can be a difficult task. He explained that he wanted to take viewers on an adventure but he did not think about the consequences and laws when doing what he did.

Dr Disrespect is an edgy character but at the end of the day, it is being played by a human being. This mistake could have been made by anyone. Some would say that Dr Disrespect took is a bit too far and a ban from Twitch is a pretty light punishment. I am not here to talk about what the punishment should have been. Here is what Dr Disrespect had to say about the Twitch ban:

Real life personas are so difficult to pull off, especially in today’s society. Doc is edgy, highly opinionated, cocky, etc. and that certainly adds to the difficulty in staying authentic without offending anyone on a deeper, personal level. When we were walking around filming at E3, we clearly weren’t thinking about the laws/repercussions of filming in the bathroom because honestly, it wasn’t in our mind frame at the time.

Dr Disrespect mentioned that he did not have any ill intentions which is clear if you watched the whole thing. He admitted that this incident was a step back. But like others that have made mistakes, he is willing to learn from them and come back stronger. He asked the fans to stick with him.

Let us know what you think about this statement from Dr Disrespect and what you think about the whole incident.

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