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Apex Legends Season 2 Update Buffs VK-47 Flatline And Other Weapons

Apex Legends Season 2

Apex Legends Season 2 update is live now and the update buffs various weapons. These weapons include the VK-47 Flatline, P2020, Alternator and Kraber sniper rifle. Shotguns have got nerfed as the ammo is now limited. Shotgunners will now have to carry multiple stacks in order to play properly.

The damage of the VK-47 Flatline has been increased from 16 to 19. The damage of the P2020 has been increased from 12 to 13. Alternator damage increases from 13 to 15. The Kraber sniper rifle has got a major boost. The damage has been increased from 125 to 145 but the rarity has also increased slightly. The Kraber got other improvements such as increased headshot and leg damage scale.

The Triple Take has also got a boost when paired with the Precision Choke attachment. The choke time has been reduced from 1.5 seconds to 1.1. If you use this combination then you are in luck. Other than that, all energy weapons have got a small buff as the max stack has been increased from 60 to 80. Now it is similar to light and heavy ammo.

Shotguns have been nerfed in the new Apex Legends Season 2 update. The max stack has been reduced from 64 to 16. You will need to have multiple stacks on you to play with a shotgun. Other than that, two new Hop-Ups have been added to Apex Legends. The Disruptor Rounds increase damage to shielded enemies while Hammerpoint Rounds increase damage dealt to unshielded enemies.

Apex Legends Season 2 update has plenty of new features. A rank mode is being added to the game and players will be able to take part in daily and weekly challenges. Watson, the new character has also been added to the game. A new stats page has been added and it shows player different stats and achievements.

Respawn has confirmed that this is only the beginning and new features will be added with the passage of time. Here is what the dev had to say in this regard:

We’re sure you all will have feedback on other stats you’d like to see here. What we’re shipping with Season 2 is just the start and we’re planning to build on it. We won’t promise anything but definitely let us know what other stats you want shown after you’ve played around with it.

There are still no Titans in the game but the upcoming Battle Pass should be interesting.

Let us know what you think about the new Apex Legends Season 2 update and whether or not you are looking forward to an exciting new season.

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