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Blair Witch Will Make Players Feel Like The Prey

Blair Witch

Blair Witch was revealed at E3 2019. The game is coming out next month and the developer talked about the game a little bit. Barbara Kciuck and Maciej Glomb discussed a number of topics concerning the game. They mentioned that the game has time loops but they are not Groundhog Day-style loops.

Bloober Team also revealed that the game has actual combat. Which is something that we have not seen in games from Bloober Team. The developers mentioned that in Blair Witch, the players will have a chance to fight back. The developers mentioned that while this is not a drastic change, it is still a change that will impact the experience of the player.

The change has been implemented so that the player feels vulnerable. This will make the experience even more terrifying. Here is what the devs had to say about the mechanics of Blair Witch:

What we want to do is to diversify gameplay mechanics. We already experimented with chase and stealth sequences and with Blair Witch we want to try yet another type of combat in which you will be finally able to defend yourself. Having said that we try to design it in such a way that it still feels as you’re a pray not a hunter.

Blair Witch does seem like an exciting game that will surely haunt you. If you have played previous Bloober Team games then you should check out this one when it comes out on August 30th. The game will be available to play on Xbox One and PC.

The Blair Witch Project was a terrifying movie that changed the horror genre. It will be interesting to see how the game builds on the movie and what it does differently.

Let us know what you think about Blair Witch and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out next month.

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