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Is Control Just Quantum Break with Heavy Supernatural Elements?


Ever since it debuted, no one has really been sure what in the heck Control was about exactly. One thing we did know for sure: It was going to be one crazy game. And that’s largely still the case, even after a revealing bit of gameplay footage that just came out this past week shed a lot more light on the game than we ever had before.

But even with its vague initial premise and weird debut, Control got everyone’s attention because it was a new game from Remedy Entertainment, of Quantum Break fame. In fact, the two games seemed to share a general vibe – so much so that some people speculated that the two games were related. But after the gameplay reveal, can we really say that? Is Control just Quantum Break with more supernatural stuff going on? We’ll try to answer that question in this article.

Anyone that has followed Remedy Entertainment’s oeuvre over their history knows that weird is nothing new for the outfit. But Control particularly revels in its ability to be weird and “other.” You star as hero Jesse Faden, who visits the Federal Bureau of Control – a kind of FBI for supernatural stuff. Jesse’s past figures in prominently in the game and Jesse thinks that the FBC is somehow tied to this. This all becomes complicated when the head of the bureau dies, Jesse gains control of his gun, and the encroaching baddie gets ever closer. It is a very trippy, hallucinogenic experience with shifting environments and a generally weird presentation. If anything, Control is going to win high marks for going out on a limb to be different.

An action game first and foremost, multiple reports state that Control’s controls are vastly improved over Quantum Break’s, which often felt unresponsive. This comes through in the gameplay footage as Jesse’s animations are fluid and the action in the game seemingly choreographed it is so good. That’s a good thing, too, because you basically have to fight to survive in this game and, if the action sucked and the controls were awful, that would be a tough sell. Control forces you to recover health by taking out enemies and that’s your only option. This is different from the vast majority of games which give players multiple options to recover health or even regenerate it entirely.

Previews have described the Oldest House as a kind of multi-tiered set of stages like those found in Axiom Verge or Castlevania. What this translates into is a game that offers as much action as it does exploration and that, coupled with the game’s weird environments, is a really unique title.

The game’s story is apparently revealed through short, obscure dialogue and cinematics in the style of the best from From Software, but it will be a huge part of the game whereas From’s games tend to put the story largely in the background. In short, after the gameplay reveal, Control is not Quantum Break with heavy supernatural elements, but rather its own thing entirely and something that has many hardcore gamers excited to see what actually comes next. After all, unique is a rare thing these days in video games.

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