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Overwatch Sigma Vs Mega Man X Sigma

Overwatch Sigma Vs Mega Man X Sigma

Sigma is the new hero that is coming to Overwatch soon. If that name rings a bell then you might recall Sigma from Mega Man X. In this article, we are going to talk about how similar these two characters are.

Firstly, both of them are called Sigma. So we can get that out of the way. Both also wear a lot of armor. Other than that, both used to be good guys but turned evil due to a disaster that altered their perceptions of the world around them.

Sigma from Overwatch seems like a scientist that was working on something related to gravity and black holes. His experiments did not work as planned and altered him. This alteration gave him powers. He now knows the secrets of the universe and has the ability to control gravity.

From what we have seen in the origin story trailer, it seems that Sigma was working with Moira. He might not know that he is on the wrong side. We might learn more about him in the upcoming days. If you have missed the origin story video then you can check it out below:

Sigma from Mega Man X was the leader of the Maverick Hunters. Hunting down rogue robots was their thing. He was then infected by the Sigma virus and that caused him to lead a robot revolt. Sigma is able to take control of other robots and operating systems like a parasite.

It is safe to say that both these characters are evil. Both have been affected by some kind of disaster. Both have powers resulting from the said disaster. Both characters do not abide by the normal laws of gravity.

In conclusion, these are most likely two very different characters but it is interesting to see that they have plenty in common with one another.

Let us know which Sigma you are more fond of. The Overwatch Sigma or the Mega Man X Sigma.

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