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Why Dark Souls 4 Should Be Made

Dark Souls 4

As a fan of the series, I have played Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3. I have also played Bloodbourne and Sekiro. All of these games are amazing to play and even though the Dark Souls series is supposed to be a trilogy, what if there was a Dark Souls 4?

Dark Souls 3 was very conclusive indeed and if you have played the game then you might think that is the end but there are multiple settings and storylines that Dark Souls 4 could explore. It took a while for FromSoftware to get the engine right. If you play the original game after Dark Souls 3, you realize what I am talking about. It was still a great game even though it was clunky and you could not roll diagonally. There were plenty of issues with the game and the remaster did not fix them either.

I can only imagine what Dark Souls 4 would look like with an engine that is perfected and takes advantage of modern graphics. Dark Souls 3 looks great but it has been out for a while. I for one would like to play a Dark Souls game on the upcoming Xbox Scarlett and PS5. A game that would take advantage of the new and improved hardware.

Dark Souls 3 is a pretty old game but the PVP aspect of the title ads to the life span of the game. It is still selling copies in 2019. I know a few people that have multiple copies of the game. Sekiro is a great game but it is single-player only and that limits it in terms of life span. The same goes for Elden Ring. From what we have seen it looks like a great game, but it is also single-player only. Dark Souls 4 with multiplayer or PVP would sell millions and would have a pretty long life span.

Dark Souls 4

A lot of the lore is left up to the player’s imagination and interpretation. We only know about the lore after the age of fire. That does make sense, as it keeps things interesting but now that there are 3 Dark Souls games that people can play I am sure that fans are interested in exploring the golden age.

The golden age would offer fights against dragons and ancients at the peak of their power. Taking on Gwyn and Artorias at their true potential would be very satisfying indeed. What about the dark age? We have seen the age of fire but I am sure that fans would be interested in exploring the dark age as well.

I think Dark Souls 4 is something that fans are going to want to play. Not to mention that it can sell millions of copies and make FromSoftware a lot of money.

Let us know whether or not you think FromSoftware should make Dark Souls 4.

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