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Here Are 5 Features We Want In WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20

WWE 2K20 is getting a cover reveal on August 5th. We might get to learn about some more details too. It is safe to say that the hype is real. With that in mind, here we are going to look into some of the features that we want in WWE 2K20.

WWE 2K20 Features That We Want

In no particular order, the following are the features that we want in the new game:

Royal Rumble’s Camera Angle

In older titles, you could see wrestlers entering and walking down the ramp. The camera angle has since been changed and in the recent game, you cannot see the wrestlers walk down the ramp and join the fight. This might be a simple change but it is impactful. I hope that 2K can fix this issue in the upcoming title.

My Career For Women

Male wrestlers have a career mode and we want the same for female characters as well. I am sure that fans are going to be excited about a new career more for women as well. If FIFA can have female characters in the game then WWE 2K20 can have a career mode for women as well. There are no excuses at this point.

Different Match Types

Back in the day, players could pick from a wide selection of match types. You could choose from Inferno, buried alive, slobber knocker, casket and more. You no longer have those options. I think that these gimmick matches would be great when paired with the new engine and better graphics. Bring them back 2K. The fans want them.

Road to WrestleMania

This is the best mode in the game, at least in my opinion. The stories are great and have plenty of twists and turns which keep things interesting for the player. I think that the new game should have this mode as well.

New Engine

The past couple of games are pretty much the game when it comes to features and graphics. It might be time for the devs to switch their game engine or at least tweak it. We do not want the same thing each year. Fans are paying for a game that is better than the one they bought last year. The engine needs to be changed in order for that to happen. Bethesda has the same old engine and look what Fallout 76 looks like in 2019.

Largest Roster Ever

Wresters, that is what WWE 2K20 should be about. Fans want the largest roaster ever. “Largest roster ever” was a major part of promoting the past 3 games and while 2K did deliver, it should go all out this time. It will be interesting to see what the roaster is like this time.

Let us know what you think about WWE 2K20 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game when it comes out in October.

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