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5 Weirdest Weapons In Video Games

5 Weirdest Weapons In Video Games

Video games are known to be out of this world and that is what we love about them. At times things can get a bit too strange and that is why here we are going to look into 5 of the weirdest weapons in video games.

Dubstep Gun (Saints Row The Third)

Saints Row is an awesome franchise and we love it for all the weird stuff that you can do in the game. In Saints Row The Third, there is a gun that fires beams of dubstep music. This might be the most random thing in any game but you have to admit that this is a pretty weird weapon, even if are a fan of the music genre.

Lancer Assault Rifle A.K.A Chainsaw Gun (Gears Of War)

The Lancer Assault Rifle is an iconic weapon in the Gear of War franchise and players of the game love the weapon but if you think about it, what you have in your hands is an assault rifle that has a chainsaw attached to it. That would be really unfeasible if it was a real weapon. Fortunately, it is not.

Shark O Matic (Saints Row The Third)

We have another weapon from Saints Row, Shark O Matic. This weapon throws fish parts at people and then a shark comes out of nowhere are eats the fish and the people that are covered in them. The shark can pop out of the ground.

Laptop Gun (Perfect Zero Dark)

This is a gun that disguises itself as a laptop when in sentry mode. While the rate of fire is very high, the damage itself is very low. So while it can be used for cover fire, it is not all that good at actually killing people.

Mr. Toots (Red Faction Armageddon)

If you think that all the weapons above were not crazy enough then this one is going to change your mind for sure. Mr. Toots is a unicorn in Red Faction Armageddon that shoot rainbow lasers from its rear. The enemies that are hit by the laser explode into rainbows and butterflies.

Let us know about the craziest weapon that you have used in a video game.

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