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Need For Speed Heat Looks Much Better Than Previous 2 Titles

Need For Speed Heat

Need For Speed Heat is the next title in the franchise and it seems that EA has taken some time and learned from its mistakes. The game will not have Speed Cards which means that progression and car upgrades will work like traditional Need For Speed games.

In Need For Speed Heat, you will be able to upgrade cars with reputation points that you earn. This is a progression system that we have seen in previous Need For Speed games and we already know that this works. I do not know why EA would remove something that worked in favor os Speed Cards that made no sense in a racing game.

New customization options are going to be introduced into the game and EA claims that Need For Speed Heat is going to have the most customization options out of all the Need For Speed games that have been released so far. So I am excited about that. The material editor is even better and that means that you can take customization to another level.

The game also has a new exhaust tuning system, which allows players to customize the sound that the car makes. That is another great feature to have and I am interested in checking it out when the game releases on November 8th.

In Need For Speed Heat, players can create their own avatar which seems like a very cool feature. How much of the created character will be shown during the game is yet to be seen but the customization options are there and they do seem impressive keeping in mind that this is still a racing game.

You can download the NFS Heat Studio app on your phone to take a look at the different car customization options and you can use the cars that you have modified when the game comes out.

Let us know what you think about Need For Speed Heat and whether or not you think the game is going to be different this time.

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  • NeonPanda

    Dunno about 2015 one but def. much better than Payback.