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5 Games That Did Not Live Up To The Hype

5 Games That Did Not Live Up To The Hype

It is common in the gaming industry for developers and publishers to create hype around the game and when fans get the chance to play these titles, they do not live up to the expectations that they themselves have created. There are plenty of overhyped games out there but we are going to talk about some of them that totally failed to deliver.

Haze (PS3)

This is a pretty old title and it was very overhyped. There was a lot of anticipation around the title and fans were hoping that it would take on the Call of Duty franchise and become the next best FPS game. When the game release it turned out to be a rather generic title and was not worth the hype at all.

Haze had really bad story writing and the graphics were way off from the standards that were set at the time. The level designs were poor and it felt like you were playing the entire game on the same level. The game was a major flop and left fans disappointed.

Alien Colonial Marines

This game was based on a major movie title and that is why it had a lot of hype around it but when it came out it was review bombed due to the disaster that it was. The game was broken, the alien AI did not know how to attack players and the multiplayer was below average at most. The story was another reason why this game flopped big time.


Watchdogs was a massively hyped title back in the day and it did do well in terms of sales but people that played the game were not pleased with it. Fans complained that the graphics were not the same as the marketing material and that they had been ripped off by Ubisoft. Lawsuits were filed against the company as well.

The game was revealed at E3 2012 and it had next-generation graphics. It was supposed to be the game that killed GTA but when the game came out it was a massive downgrade in terms of graphics and the world was not as satisfying as players imagined. It was an average game on its own but it did not turn out to be the next big thing.

Fallout 76

Bethesda is known for making games like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. When Fallout 76 was announced the CEO of the company Todd Howard claimed that this would be the next-generation game in the franchise. Fans were skeptical about it when it was first announced but hearing Todd talk about the game had many sold.

The game used the already dated engine which meant that it did not stand out in 2019 and actually looked worse than some other titles in the franchise. It is an online-only game and that is not something that the fans liked. At launch, the game had massive bugs that would break the game and render it unplayable for some people.


Anthem is a relatively new game and when we got a look at it at E3 2018 it was supposed to be this amazing looking game with state of the art graphics and mechanics. It turned out that the footage that we saw at the event was indeed faked and the actual game was developed a few months after the E3 trailer was shown. At launch, the game was broken and had plenty of issues. Not to mention that the game was falsely advertised and got a massive downgrade in terms of graphics.

These were 5 overhyped games that failed badly and did not live up to the expectations of the fans. Let us know about the game that disappointed you the most.

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