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PS5 February 2020 Release Makes Sense


PS5 is the next-generation console from Sony and everyone is expecting it to release alongside the Xbox Scarlett in Fall of 2020 but that does not mean that Sony cannot reveal it ahead of time. Sony could even release it a few weeks before the Xbox Scarlett comes out. We recently heard a rumor that the PS5 might be revealed in February 2020 at a an event called the Playstation Meeting 2020 and that could possibly be true.

Xbox One X is currently the most powerful console in the world and it is unlikely that Microsoft is going to let go of that position. If that is indeed the case then the Xbox Scarlett could be the most powerful console of the next-generation. In order to counter that, PS5 could be priced lower or Sony could go with an early release.

If the console is priced lower and performs similar to the Xbox Scarlett with behind the scenes trickery and what not then people might buy the console. Plus Sony does have a history of major exclusives. Which is another incentive for people to stick to the PlayStation ecosystem.

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Showing off the PS5 early would create a lot of hype around it and an early release might give Sony the initial bump in sales as everyone rushed to get the next-generation console. The pricing is going to play a major role here and I cannot stress that enough when it comes to the next-generation of consoles and that is why so many analysts are predicting and speculating the pricing of the PS5 and the Xbox Scarlett.

All things considered, revealing and releasing the PS5 before Microsoft has had a chance to show its hand would be a major move and I think that it is possible that Sony might have this in mind. We have already seen a demo in which the PS5 was able to load Spider-man in less than a second which could indicate that the PS5 is mostly ready. Plus we have been hearing about dev kits for a long time now.

Let us know what you think about the PS5 and how much money you would be willing to pay to get your hands on the console on day one.

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