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Minecraft Snapshot 19w34a Adds Bees

Fuzzy, flying critters in the new Minecraft Snapshot

Usually, when a new snapshot or full version release of Minecraft creeps around, the aim is to have all the bugs removed. But not this time! This time a new bug has been purposefully added to Minecraft. The humble bumble, the honey hoarder, the pollination professor: The bee.

Along with the new addition to Minecraftia’s fauna, other smaller fixes and additions have come into play, such as the addition of hives and nest for the fuzzy bugs as well as some additional dispenser functionality.

Bees: Minecraft bees function in a very similar way to our own real-life bees, pollinating flowers and generally being cute, fuzzy flying critters. They are passive by default and will only attack you to defend themselves, in a similar fashion to how the zombie pig-men AI is set. After a bee has gathered from a flower it will fly back to its home nest, helping to grow any crops it may pass on the way. If a bee can’t find any flowers to gather from while it is on an excursion, it will return home to rest before trying again. Bees will avoid rain and sleep at night; in both of these cases, the bee will return to its home nest. Bees can be bred with flowers.

Bee Hives / Nests: Bee nests can be found spawning naturally in three different biomes: the plains, sunflower plains, and flower forests. When a bee visits a nest undisturbed and carrying pollen on its little blocky bum, the level of honey in the nest will rise by one, up to a maximum level of five. When the honey level is at five, the player can use shears on the nest to extract the honeycomb, which is in turn used with wood to create beehives. These hives work in the same way as nests and bees will be equally likely to go to either. If a player instead uses a bottle on the hive or nest, they will receive a bottle of honey. This bottle of honey can be consumed to restore three pips of hunger and can also be broken down to receive sugar instead. Not that sugar is particularly hard to come by in Minecraft, but the option is there. If you find a nest and want to move it to somewhere closer to you instead of making a hive, make sure you are using a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment to keep the block intact, otherwise, it will be destroyed.

As mentioned above, there has been some new dispenser functionality added, meaning that now dispensers can fill bottles with both water and honey, as well as shearing the honeycomb from both nests and hives.

To enable snapshots to be downloaded, open up your launcher and enable snapshots in the installation tab. Be careful however as snapshots may corrupt any worlds you currently have, so back them up before you start your apiarist career.

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