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How Google Stadia and VR Can Improve Online Casinos

Google Stadia

Online casino games have their dedicated players, just like any genre in the gaming industry, and they succeed in this by providing the best services possible. Developers of such titles also help to earn support by staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and making good use of them. Slots, for example, one of the most popular casino games, have evolved through history from basic machines with handles, buttons and flashing lights to digital artworks of stunning graphics and interactive features. Here is what iGaming technology already has under its belt and innovations to look forward to.

Slots Service and Performance

These games were designed to play to the best of their abilities on any gaming device. Smartphone users will experience the same, if not better, high resolution and performance as a PC gamer. As mobile technology, including its gaming department, continues to grow, so does the range and power of online casino games. It is not only the great free spins offers that attract players, generous gifts for new and established members; it is the knowledge that providers want to make people happy. They do this by investing in quality video games and adding to the experience, either with fun new options or helpful resources. With this, the best online slots providers go a long way in pleasing the consumer public.

Upcoming Technologies for Online Casinos

A number of advancements in digital technology are being adapted or considered for iGaming. But the needs of a slot title are different from an MMO’s in terms of gameplay, specs, social and purchasing systems. Meeting these demands takes time and careful design, as well as a passion for bringing the gaming experience to new levels. These two innovations are expected to help.

Virtual Reality

Looking through the devices showcased at the CES 2019, VR is gearing up to make video game experiences beyond immersive. While Cybershoes and bikes may not be very handy in playing virtual casino games, products like the Vive Pro Eye, which allows control of the interface just by moving your eyes, can be seen as becoming a part of the developing VR casino experience. Imagine how much better online poker could be than the real deal if players could sit around a virtual table and maybe have a stats screen on the side, easily accessed with a subtle glance. Another fun feature would be the ability to zoom in for a closer look at your opponents’ reactions. The Vive Studio and Ovation software could also be used to quickly share things with the casino’s community. It remains to be seen what iGaming developers will be able to produce as VR technology continues to open many promising doors.

Google Stadia

Some mobile titles do need to be installed, but most online casino games are already on digital platforms, saving players from the hassle of downloading. What technology like Stadia offers, apart from 4K resolution speed at 60 FPS, is a virtual world that is bigger, faster and highly social, the perfect environment for iGaming. Once the technology launches later this year and is put to the test, the online casino industry will be able to judge how to best use it for the benefit of players and developers. The entertainment of social games like poker and bingo would be boosted the most. Visuals, speeds and features of the titles themselves would be enhanced to suit consumers’ higher gaming and interactive expectations. Like VR, though, we will have to wait and see how Stadia performs.

More exciting updates await by 2020.

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