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Why Can’t Bethesda Get a Grip On Fallout 76?

Fallout 76

If you aren’t aware of the fallout from Fallout 76’s incredibly broken release, then you must have been away from the internet for some time. The release of Fallout 76 in the state it was in will forever be a black mark on Bethesda’s history. However, we as gamers (though we are entirely irrational at times), do believe in giving game developers a second chance.

To say that Fallout 76 has squandered their second, third, and fourth chances would be an understatement. That’s great that every major patch seems to bring more content and things to do, but when you still have issues inviting your friends without having to go through loopholes, then you have to question why they aren’t fixing some basic bugs.

In fact, the other day when trying to invite someone into my game with the PlayStation 4 version, we found that a bug that’s existed when inviting another player is still around! When the player is standing right in front of you, and you click them, an option shows up to invite them. It’s that easy right? No, it’s not. That feature still doesn’t work, and in order to invite someone, you need to watch through some kid’s annoying YouTube video where he takes longer to tell you to like and subscribe to him than the workaround of inviting your friend. It’s a whole process of everyone logging off, getting into the lobby, and inviting from there. Even then, there’s still a chance it doesn’t work. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Even Bethesda’s latest patch is angering fans to the point where even the most patient of players are starting to throw in the towel. They claim that Bethesda continues to pump out new content, fix issues that aren’t really broken, and ignoring issues that we are waving our arms around trying to get fixed. We can only stick around for so long, Bethesda.

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