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Zombies Appearing In Red Dead Online?

Players are reporting some unusual and creepy goings on in Red Dead Online, which is leading some to believe Rockstar is planning something zombie related for Halloween this year.

The terrifying zombie woman (featured) was spotted in a swamp by a player (Reddit user u/groats_active) who was lured towards it by a dog. The player himself wasn’t certain if it was a glitch or something deliberate created by the developers. Other players have reported seeingzombies with blue skin” in the game. These corpses have popped up in a few different places and possess glowing eyes like the woman below spotted by Reddit user u/xXVoluntaryeyeXx

Red Dead Online has suffered from the occasional glitch before and some players think that’s exactly what this is. They argue it could be related to the game’s portrayal of cholera. Although others aren’t so convinced…

Of course this wouldn’t be the first time zombies have invaded the Wild West. Red Dead: Redemption featured a substantial DLC pack in Red Dead: Undead Nightmare, which saw anti-hero John Marsden fight off a zombie horde. The ghouls observed in these images bear a striking resemblance to the zombies from Undead Nightmare, particularly the glowing eyes.

Its entirely possible the above sightings are glitches, but it’s also plausible that Rockstar are sneaking zombies into Red Dead Online subtly in preparation for a new Undead Night or similar event.

We’ll keep you updated if there are more zombie sightings.

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