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Six Gaming Sequels We Desperately Need

Silent Hills Poster

Sometimes pressure from gamers has paid off when it comes to pushing game developers to grace our lives with sequels of games that we desperately need. However, we may never see sequels to game we’ve been demanding for years such as Half-Life 3 or a sequel to Super Mario RPG. At this point, game developers might be too afraid of picking them up for a sequel because they’re afraid they might not live up to our expectations. Let’s not forget the debacle that was Duke Nukem Forever, but let’s do our best to repress that horrible memory back into the recesses of our brain and take a look at gaming sequels we desperately need.

1. Super Mario RPG 2

Let’s start with an obvious title that might be too much for our nostalgia to handle: Super Mario RPG. I say this because, for many of us, Super Mario RPG was our first foray into role-playing gaming. Squaresoft, known for its role-playing titles such as Final Fantasy, decided to end its relationship with Nintendo. This breakup all but ensured we’d never see a Mario game with turn-based combat again. Unfortunately, one of the best video games of all time may have to be nothing but a distant memory that we occasionally digitally load onto our newer Nintendo gaming systems.

2. Portal 3

It’s been almost an entire decade since the release of the second portal game and fans are wondering where the third instalment is. Who just makes two wildly successful games and leaves it at that point, do you not want our money? Though (a bit of foreshadowing here) this won’t be the only title from Valve on this list, because we’re pretty sure they’re trolling us at this point. Maybe it’s because Valve wants to go on top since Portal 2 is known as one of the best video games of all time. That must be great for a game that wasn’t even supposed to be made. Portal 2 only came about because newer members on the development team wished they worked on the original Portal. Maybe if they make enough noise from the inside, we’ll get a sequel to our favourite science fiction franchise about jumping through portals.

3. Silent Hills

In terms of heartbreak, Silent Hills was the game that should have been but never came to be. This survival horror game was meant to be the ninth instalment in the Silent Hill franchise and looked to be one of the scariest games in existence. Director Hideo Kojima was slated to lead this game into our hearts and scare us half to death, but then Konami decided they didn’t want any more money and cancelled the series from existence. Originally released as a demo called “P.T.” it was revealed at the end of the demo that the truly horrifying experience we went through was going to be a sequel called “Silent Hills.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like a sequel is happening, even though fans collected over a quarter of a million signatures. I guess Konami doesn’t like money.

4. Team Fortress 3

We told you Portal 3 wasn’t the only Valve game that was going to show up on this list. It’s been over a decade since Team Fortress 2, and one would assume with the soaring popularity of battle royale games like Fortnite, that Valve would pull the trigger of competition. To be fair, Valve has kept the game updated over the years so much that Team Fortress 2 doesn’t resemble the game it was when it was released in 2007. Maybe Valve is afraid it wouldn’t be able to top the success it still has with Team Fortress 2. It might not be the same success it had in its prime, and no amount of additions will keep it competitive with Fortnite, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Maybe players need to stop making Team Fortress 2 such a success on steam to let Valve know that we’re withholding our funds until they make a third.

5. Jet Set Radio 3

Who doesn’t want the third instalment of a futuristic skating game set in Tokyo with amazing an amazing soundtrack? Jet Set Radio set the player on the streets of Tokyo as they avoided literal tanks and helicopters just to get their spray on. Jet Set Radio Future, the second game in the series, followed the same format to become a widely loved game series that hasn’t gone anywhere since it was last released in 2002. Critics and fans alike loved both games, and there was even a tease of a sequel at the end of Jet Set Future. However, it’s been almost two decades with no news other than Sega shot down a concept for a sequel, proving that they too: hate money.

6. Half-Life 3

You’re not going to see a list like this and not see Half-Life 3 on it. If it is, then the person writing it clearly doesn’t know what fans have been clamouring for. Not surprisingly, this is also the third mention of Valve on this list, proving once and for all that Valve both hates money and the number 3. Maybe if fans online would stop thinking that a third instalment wouldn’t live up to the previous two titles, then maybe they wouldn’t feel so pressured to do so.

We just need some of these to satisfy our basic human need for closure.

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