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Final Fantasy VII Remake Box Art Revealed

Oh be still my beating heart, the FF7 remake box art has been revealed.

Granted it’s not known yet if this box art will be official for every region. Games have a tendancy to sometimes have different box art depending on the which part of the world they’re released. But according to Square-Enix this is what many of us can expect to see when our pre-orders come through.

Despite the changes made to the gameplay the box art displayed here is straight up nostalgic. Featuring Cloud posing with his iconic buster sword.

To those of us who grew up in the 90s, FF7 has a very special place in our hearts and a remake has been our dream since the early PS2 days. Two consoles later and that dream is set to be a reality.

FF7 was the first entry in the series to go fully 3D and retained the sci-fi feel FF6 pioneered before it. The story itself is an unforgettable one that leaves a lasting impression on those who saw it through.

We’ll keep you posted if more information arrives.

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