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Three Red Dead Redemption 2 Updates to Get Excited About

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the bestselling titles of all time and has some exciting plans for its future. The PS4 and Xbox One systems saw the release of the Railroad Baron free roam event, which let gamers ride the train rails to capture as many trains as they can. The summer brought us some exciting news and updates regarding one of the commercially successful titles of this generation.

Character Resets

Resetting your character’s looks is a feature found in almost any game where you can alter your character’s appearance without it being a detriment to your progress. Many fans were confused as to why this wasn’t a feature from the start as it’s not really a hard feature to put into any game. Fortunately, Red Dead Redemption 2 makers have confirmed the feature is coming, meaning you’ll be able to retain their playstyle preference.

Career Paths

Character roles are a part of the game that will make Red Dead Online a little more immersive for gamers who want to live out their old western fantasies while sitting at home on the couch. The three roles that were launched this summer are the Collector, Trader, and Bounty Hunter. For example, the Bounty Hunter, obviously, will hunt for criminals. Picking a role allows the player to specialize and have role-specific outfits and weapons. This makes the game a little more immersive.

PC Port

Unfortunately, Rockstar hasn’t committed to officially announcing anything about a PC port yet. However, if we follow their formula of a year or so long wait for PC ports, then we’re coming upon a window for an announcement soon at the very least. However, PC players can take a little solace in that hackers already data-mined a companion app and leaked a video showing a settings page. At least we know a PC port is inevitable, it’s all just a matter of when it will happen as “there is absolutely no downside to releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC” according to the Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

Unfortunately, Rockstar was absent from E3 this year, it does keep its player base updated through blogs and social media. We’re hoping for some good news for PC players on the horizon.

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