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Pokemon Sword and Shield Livestream Coming Next Week

On Friday the 4thOctober The Pokemon Company will host a livestream for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield game that will last 24 hours.

Starting at 6am PT / 9am ET, which for those of us based in the UK is 1pm GMT, the livestream will be feature live footage from an in game area known as the Glimwood Tangle, said to be a heavily wooded location in the Galar region from the next games in the series.

It will be presented like a Pokemon themed documentary as Sword and Shield’s resident Poke Professor observes Pokemon in their natural habitat. The Galar region is based on the UK so it will be nice to see how the developers have captured the nation in their own fictional universe. Hopefully we will get a glimpse of some of the next gen Pokemon and what they can do.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on the 15thNovember 2019.

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