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Resident Evil 3 Turns 20 – What Next?

A matter of months after a Resident Evil 2 remake was released – to rave reviews – its younger sibling has reached its 20th birthday.

Why is this significant? Well, when Resident Evil 2 turned 20 in 2018, fans became very excited for it’s impending remake. Capcom stoked these flames on Twitter but ultimately didn’t reveal the game until E3 of that year.

With that remake being a success (check out what we said at the time), fans have now turned their attention towards the next entry in the series that may be due the remake treatment. Resident Evil 3 turning 20 now has fans wondering if Capcom will tease anything regarding a possible remake anytime soon.

Capcom has not yet officially confirmed a remake of Resident Evil 3, but it’s certainly in demand and would be an effective way for the company to earn a quick buck. Fans would also very much like to see a remake in the same vein as Resident Evil 2’s and Capcom have expressed they are open to the idea. But so far no confirmation has appeared.

Fans of Resident Evil 2 will know that the game was initially announced in 2015 and until E3 2018 Capcom offered no updates at all. For Resident Evil 3 it’s unlikely this would be the case again. Capcom have already built the assets they need for another game and could re-use many of the locations and animations from the Resident Evil 2 remake. It’s reasonable to expect that Capcom won’t make players wait 3 years this time. It’s also safe to assume Capcom are secretly planning the game and biding their time for a reveal. Perhaps E3 2020? Of course, this is entirely speculation.


Those who played Resident Evil 3: Nemesis will remember its titular enemy; Nemesis, stalking players throughout Raccoon City. Appearing at key points in the game or at random to ruin the player’s day. Some of the mechanics that inspired his gameplay were actually taken from Resident Evil 2’s own stalker the trench coat wearing Tyrant (Mr X).

Could history repeat itself? Could the Nemesis in a possible Resident Evil 3 remake behave like the Tyrant of Resident Evil 2 2019? It’s a tantalizing prospect. Nemesis, of course, moved faster than 1998 Tyrant, seemed to be more intelligent and was equipped with a rocket launcher to boot! Seeing how Capcom could incorporate this into the already terrifying (now hatted) Tyrant gameplay would be incredibly exciting.

Reality check

Of course, as we published recently, Capcom already have multiplayer spin off Project Resistance in development and at some point, we’re likely to see a Resident Evil 8. There’s even the possibility of Resident Evil Revelations 3! So Capcom will not want to saturate their audience or risk cannibalising sales of whichever game is out next. Judging by Project Resistance being revealed first at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, it may be safe to assume that will be released first.

It will be interesting to see what happens next after Project Resistance is released, but I’d wager we’ve not seen the last of Raccoon City.

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