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Making Mobile Gaming as Fun as Console Gaming

Mobile games have always been viewed differently to console games. Even classic handheld consoles such as the Nintendo DS and the PSP were viewed as more worthwhile as mobiles when it came to gaming. Are the times starting to change? Phones are capable of so much more than they were 10 years ago. In fact, they’re capable of so much more than they were 5 years ago. They can run games that are graphically impressive and require high processing power. But can a mobile user be classified as a gamer? Maybe people still struggle with that term because everybody has a phone and everybody plays mobile games. Gaming is viewed as a culture. Still, mobile gaming is trying to become a part of that culture. If you want to take it seriously, then these are some ideas to help you make mobile gaming as fun as console gaming.

Mobile Gaming

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Block adverts

Adverts ruin the immersion of mobile games. Big gaming companies make money from their consoles, games, and subscriptions to their online multiplayer services. But many mobile games are free. That means the developers have to make money in other ways. Adverts are often the big money-maker for mobile games, but they’re incredibly frustrating when you’re just trying to play. Who wants to watch a 30-second video between every round of a particular game they’re playing? It’s a frustrating mechanic that’s part of a bigger problem in mobile gaming (freemium games are far too commonplace).

But you can block adverts to improve your gaming experience. That way, you can enjoy great games on your phone just as you would enjoy them on any other console. Software such as AdLock can remove adverts that pop up whilst you’re playing games. There are plenty of programmes designed for different mobile devices, so you should do some research to find one that’s right for you. This might help you to get engrossed in games that you would otherwise avoid because of time-consuming adverts which ruin the fun of gaming.

Get a good phone plan

Many modern mobile games require an internet connection. It’s hard to say whether the rise of online mobile games correlates with the rise of freemium gaming, but it does seem that fewer and fewer mobile games (or popular mobile games, at least) are offline. It’s probably hard for developers to monetise a game that doesn’t have online adverts or premium add-ons. Still, whether it’s the result of freemium gaming taking over or not, the fact is that it’s hard to become a serious mobile gamer when you need an internet connection to even play a game on your phone in the present day.

That’s why it’s smart to get a good phone plan. You can’t access WiFi everywhere. And the fun of handheld gaming is that you can play games whilst you’re on the move. Otherwise, you’d probably opt for a proper games console whilst you were at home (unless the price tag is stopping you, of course). Still, if you have a good contract, then you can use mobile data to play games online without worrying about running over your limit before the month is over. You might even want to check out these student SIM deals. If you’re starting college soon, you could get a cheap data plan and treat yourself to hours of mobile gaming when you’re out and about (not when you’re in class, of course).

Play some console-to-mobile games

If you’re looking for a gaming experience that’s a little less repetitive than Candy Crush, for example, then you might want to play some console-to-mobile games. 74% of online gamers access their games via mobiles. A lot of those gamers are playing big console releases that have been released on mobile devices, too. If you’re looking for a serious gaming experience, that’s the route you might want to take. There are a lot of pro gamers on PUBG Mobile, for instance. You can watch the gameplay on YouTube. Gamers such as Powerbang (look him up) are just as skilled as the gamers who play the console version of PUBG. And if you’re looking for a great FPS battle royale experience (that isn’t Fortnite), then that game might be your best bet.

Mario Kart Tour was released recently, too. If you’re looking for a fun and lighthearted console-to-mobile game, then you might want to check that out. Both PUBG and Mario Kart Tour have freemium aspects, but they don’t particularly get in the way of gameplay. People can’t buy advantages in PUBG, for example; they can only buy cool costumes. It’s hard to say how Mario Kart will pan out because they’ve not rolled out the online multiplayer experience yet. Hopefully, they’ll keep the playing field level so users who don’t want to spend money can have just as much fun as those who do want to spend money.

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Do your research before you buy something

As with any console, money always helps in the world of mobile gaming. Free games are always inviting, but they might offer very little until you start buying the add-ons. Sometimes, games that come with an initial price tag offer more. Still, whether you opt for a paid game or a free game that charges you for extra features, you should always do your research before you buy. Smartphones are capable of so much more than mobiles in the noughties, but they still have differences and limitations. It’s important that you make sure a particular game will run well on your device before you buy it.

You might want to watch some gameplay videos before buying something. Get a feel for how it’ll look and operate on your mobile device. This is good advice for somebody looking to buy any game, of course. It’s always smart to look beyond the trailers. You need to figure out whether a game is actually worth your money. And don’t fall into the trap of buying things within a particular game without doing your research. You can pay money for a season pass on PUBG Mobile, for instance, but that won’t last forever. Make sure you always know what you’re getting when you make an in-game purchase.

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