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XIII Is An FPS That’s Worth Your Time

It’s now possible to buy the cult classic shooter XIII from GOG.com. After a brief time of being unavailable, the title is now out for anyone with a Windows PC to purchase, but unfortunately the game still isn’t available for Mac users.

While this is great news in itself, you might be wondering why such an old game, originally released in 2003, is worth your time in 2019, with so many other games on the market. XIII is a game from two console generations ago at the time of writing, and released for the Playstation 2 and Xbox 360.

Educate Yourself


XIII is a cult classic for a reason. When it released it wasn’t that well received, getting a lukewarm reception from critics and most users. However, much like Deadly Premonition, the game grew a fanbase out of people who enjoyed everything it had to offer. From the unique story to the striking visuals and soundtrack, XIII is a game unlike many others, and it’s certainly worth playing if you want to understand what it is that some people enjoy most about it. While it isn’t a genre defining shooter, the combination of comicbook art style, coupled with the violence you often get in shooters, give it an edge that very few games have.

Upcoming Remake


You may or may not be aware that there’s a remake of XIII in the works right now. The remake seems to hold onto the cel-shading, but brings it up to date for modern machines. It also appears as though the story could be different, with the premise of a character waking up without any memory remaining the same though. The remake is almost certainly going to be popular with almost all gamers, just because of the reception it will receive with those who played the original. If you’re planning on playing this remake, you need to play the title it’s based on.

Publicity Stunt


Some people are speculating that with the original game being added to GOG.com for the low price of £4.99, someone is trying to stir up some interest in it once again. The only reason for that would to be to help the reception of any new marketing material for the XIII remake, of which there’s been none for quite some time. Other than an announcement trailer, very little is know about the remake, but with the original bringing more people into the fanbase, there’s a good chance that we’ll hear something about it before the end of 2019.

Let us know if you played the original XIII, or are interested in the remake, in the comments.

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