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5 Sequels We Would Love To See On PS5

Sony PS5

Here we go again. The race is on and by Christmas 2020, next gen will be current gen. Sony have had an excellent run on the PS4 with lots of exclusives proving that PS4 really was ‘for the players’. This is not to detract from Microsoft and Nintendo’s achievements, but Sony really did knock it out of the park this generation when it comes to their library.

But looking ahead which ones do we hope to see more of? Naturally we all hope for new, original and exciting IPs too, but there is also plenty of life in the following franchises. Here are 5 sequels we would love to see on PS5:

Spider-Man 2

Web slinging never looked so good! It’s clear to see that Spider-Man on the PS4 had some heavy influence from Rocksteady’s wonderful Arkham games, Tom Holland’s portrayal and the game version of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 all helped create the perfect Spidey formula. It was sadly all over too soon and it would be great to see what other adventurers we could take the wall-crawler on. There are plenty of villains in Spider-Man’s rogue gallery we’ve not seen yet. Think how good Carnage could look on PS5?

Spiderman PS4

God of War 5

Kratos’s bloody journey through the Norse pantheon has only just begun. There is so much more story to be told in this new iteration of GoW and plenty more Gods to slay. Kratos has grown as a character following his interactions with Pandora, and then getting a second chance at being a father he’s no longer the angry brute he once was. But we may need him to tap back into that side of himself, and wouldn’t that be a 4K joy on PS5!

The Last of Us: Chapter 3

Okay, chapter 2 hasn’t been released yet but that doesn’t stop us imagining what happens after that. Naughty Dog have created an amazing post-apocalyptic universe and put a fresh spin on the classic zombie scenario. But more importantly they’ve created two incredibly compelling protagonists that gamers are desperate to see more of. Now that chapter 2 is on the way soon, we might as well make it a trilogy on PS5?


Another Naughty Dog franchise that has helped Sony immensely. This one is a little trickier. Nate Drake’s story has been told and it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see him again. And truthfully, we don’t need too either. The ending was perfect. But as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy demonstrated, Uncharted can continue using other characters in the universe. There are plenty more myths that a new Uncharted could use for inspiration and we can’t wait to see what else they can come up with.

Bloodborne 2

This one feels like it should have happened by now, but we understand that FROM SOFTWARE wanted to focus on other projects after creating a plethora of ‘Souls’ games. After Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne 1 and the Dark Souls trilogy, fatigue was setting in. But Bloodborne deserves a sequel, it’s also different enough to the other Souls games. It’s Lovecraftian and Victorian influences make it unique when compared to the rest. By the time the PS5 arrives enough time will have passed to make the formula fresh again, especially if FROM mix it up again. Make it happen guys.

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  • Richard_Romano

    Bloodborne 2, the rest NOGAFF

  • Paweł Kot

    Maybe stop with this bullshit. God of War, Uncharted? Let them die. We want something new!