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5 Sequels We Would Love To See On Project Scarlett

Phil Spencer Xbox Scarlett

Yesterday we posted an article detailing what sequels to Sony exclusives we’d love to see on PS5. We’ve been so giddy and caught up in the PS5 news that we forgot about Project Scarlett which is also on the horizon. While we don’t know what Microsoft’s next gen console will be official called yet (please not Xbox 2), that doesn’t mean we can’t get our wish list ready for when it does drop.

Where we hope to see lots of fresh and exciting new IPs on Project Scarlett, here are 5 sequels to established Xbox franchises we’d very much like to see:

Halo 7

Okay we know Halo Infinite isn’t out yet, so you’ll have to forgive us, but here’s the thing: As fantastic as we’re sure Infinite is going to be it’s been announced for both Xbox One and Project Scarlet. Remember when the Xbox One and PS4 came out and we had a bunch of games that were released on them and the Xbox 360 and PS3? The games were often superior on the newer consoles but they were still held back by being multi-generational games. When Sony and Microsoft phased out the PS3 and Xbox 360 only then did they unleash the true power of the next generation. Halo Infinite is shaping up to be great and Halo rarely disappoints, but imagine what a Halo game truly built for next gen is going to look like?

Halo Infinite 343 Industries

Gears 6

#SorryNotSorry for this one. Do you know what Gears 5 made us crave? More!We sound like spoilt brats we know, but when is too much Gears ever a bad thing? If Gears 5 and 6 are anything to go by, only wondrous things lie in the series future. Gears has really found it’s voice and has matured from dumb violent fun into something special. This makes us incredibly exited for Project Scarlett.

Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon just seems to go from strength to strength. While the first entry felt slightly cartoony on the Xbox 360, since then the series has taken advantage of its Forza Motorsport heritage. The past 3 entries have combined racing brilliance with stunning open-world gameplay that you can get lost in for hours. We don’t see how you can improve on perfection, but we trust Microsoft have the answer.

Forza Horizon 4 Microsoft

Fable 4

We don’t want to hear about Fable Legends. Now that there is indeed a team in place and the rumblings of a Fable sequel have started again, we are desperate for this to become a reality. There is so much more to be offered from Fable’s universe and it’s criminal that we’ve not visited Albion since the Xbox 360. After the success of franchises like Final Fantasy and Zelda in recent years, a Microsoft console is screaming out for it’s own district open world game. What could be better than a new Fable?

Dead Rising 5

While Dead Rising 3’s more serious survival horror tone was considered an unwelcome change to some people, the return of Frank West in DR4 was considered somewhat of a return to form. But even that struggled to reach the dizzying heights of the original back on the Xbox 360. Dead Rising needs to go back to the drawing board and create something compelling. Perhaps it should take inspiration from a famous horror movie like its original entry did? Dead Rising 1 had echoes of George A Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, and the shopping mall itself felt like an important character in the game. We hope a Dead Rising 5 is forthcoming and contains something similar. A cruise ship maybe? Just throwing it out there. We know how much Capcom enjoys zombie infested cruise liners. Resident Evil’s done it 3 times!

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