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The PlayStation 5 Prototype Is Legit


As we discussed in our Diablo 4 article yesterday, in 2019 it seems very hard to keep anything under wraps for long in the gaming world. Smartphone cameras and social media mean industry secrets can be shared within seconds and more often than not; that’s exactly what happens.

Since the PS5 was announced the image above has been floating around the Internet as a possible design of the PS5, or at least what it’s dev kits may look like. Thanks to a leaked image from ZoneOfTech we now know that the picture detailing what a PS5 dev kit looks like is legit. This is indeed a PlayStation 5 that has been sent to developers.

A dev kit is a prototype console that is sent to developers so they can familiarise themselves with the hardware, helping them develop games for launch and beyond. Without games nobody would want to buy the console, so dev kits are essential if a console is to become successful.

So where this is indeed a fully functional picture of a PlayStation 5, those who dislike the design may not need to worry. A dev kit is still only a prototype and this may not reflect the final design that will be released in 2020. But it is exciting to know it’s real nonetheless.

The PS5 is indeed now a thing that exists, and ready or not, it’s coming.

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