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Why Game On! Is Important For Google Stadia


Jade Raymond, Vice President and Head of Stadia Games and Entertainment, announced a new dedicated developer for Google Stadia in a recent blog post. The studio will be making game specifically for Google Stadia, and I think that it’s an incredibly big step forward for the platform.

Currently there are a few great games slated for release on Google Stadia, including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Destiny 2, and even DOOM Eternal. While these games are great, and will offer the best of the best to players from day one on the platform, they’ve all been made by someone other than Google. I imagine that Google has had a hand in some of the work that’s made these games available for Stadia, but the but of the actual development was still done by someone else.

Game On! is a studio that’s going to see all of that change though. As a dedicated developer for Stadia, they’ll be building games from the ground up that are designed to work on the platform, not for other devices, first. It might not seem like a big deal, particularly when you consider that most games launch across multiple platforms, but for brand new technology this really will make a big difference. Stadia is an unknown in many ways, but for games developers it’s a completely new world. It already takes a few months more for a game to come to Nintendo Switch, but developers are beginning to get a handle on that now. With Stadia there are only a handful of developers who have the experience of porting a game to the platform, meaning the time between release and launching for Stadia could be just as lengthy as it’s been previously for Switch.

However, a dedicated developer for Google Stadia will mean that there are games coming to Stadia first. These games will make the most of the platform, squeezing every ounce of performance that they can out of it in order to provide a truly uncompromising experience. I’m sure that we’ll see the birth of several new franchises from November onwards, as new games begin to come to Stadia and entertain fans there. What I think we’ll also see is a growing number of developers adopting the platfom, moving older titles over to it at first, before including it as a launch platform for their future games.

It’s easy to forget that by Christmas 2020 we’ll have two brand new games consoles on our hands, Project Scarlett and Playstation 5. Google Stadia will exist alongside these platforms, and it will have to compete with them as they see a slew of new releases. Of course if anyone can make something look as good as a next generation console does, it’s Google. But I also see the Stadia exclusive games being a key reason for people to keep playing games on the platform, and continue to pay for that subscription.

Game On! Will be the first developer to give people a reason to play games on Stadia. At first they may only produce smaller titles, whilst other developers bring their games over. But eventually we’ll be seeing Game On! as they showcase what they’ve got planned at E3, building hype for massive games due for release in the same year. That will be the point when people will pay attention to Stadia, and it all begins with Game On!

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