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Graveyard Keeper’s Stranger Sins DLC Lets You Open Your Own Tavern


The latest DLC for TinyBuild’s Graveyard Keeper, Stranger Sins, allows players to start their own tavern, and run it for additional cash! There’s a lot more to this DLC than that, but to be honest I’m most excited about running a bar in the same game that I get to dissect and bury people in. Check out the trailer for the DLC below and read on for more details.

Stranger Sins

Officially out as of today for PC, Stranger Sins adds 4-8 hours of additional gameplay to Graveyard Keeper. As I’ve already mentioned, the key aspect of the DLC is the ability to start and run your own tavern, but there are also rat races and other stand up events which players can organise and host. Stranger Sins also adds dozens of new NPC side quests, including helping Gerry, the talking skull, to achieve total recall. Finally, at the core of Stranger Sins is the fact that players are transported back 200 years in the town’s history, allowing them to witness the events that lead up to the base game’s story, and play a role in the town’s history.

One of the most exciting parts of Stranger Sins, aside from being able to run your own tavern, is the fact that previously silent NPCs such as Lumberjack, Beekeeper Corey, and Tress Brothers will all now have dialogue of their own. The silent NPCs were always a stumbling block for me in the game, since so many of the other NPCs could be interacted with, but now we’ll have stories and smart responses from them as well to really flesh out the world.

New Crafting Abilities

As you may have seen in the trailer, there are a plethora of new crafting options in Stranger Sins. Players can reanimate the dead to act as sign holders or work for them in their garden, and a bartender can be built to run your tavern. It looks like players will be able to kit out their tavern will all sorts of stuff, from tables and chairs, to bookshelves, stained glass windows, and even huge kitchens.


Of course, all of these crafting options are secondary to the story, for some players anyway. What players will see 200 years into Graveyard Keeper’s past is still quite vague, but it looks as though it will see witches, and the sparking of the church’s crusade against the occult. An army is seen marching away at one stage, which could be to head off and destroy the ruined building and bridge we know from the main game, and one character is even seen in jail.

What I’m most excited to see is the spectral reconstruction of the aforementioned bridge and building, because they’re so mysterious. I know a lot of other players are also keen to see this, but there’s far more on offer besides. The art for the trailer in particular seems to show that players will be some sort of general, and could play a part in some of the more oppressive parts of the town’s history.

Stranger Sins isn’t out for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch today, but it’s thought that the DLC will make its way over to other platforms at some point soon.

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