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Donuts Is a Chilled Out Donut Collecting Game


The premise of Donuts is a simple one, collect donuts. Developer Shahin Games peg the title as a physics-based adventure for mobile platforms, and has released a short announcement trailer for the game that demonstrates just some of the things players will be doing in it when it launches. Check the trailer out below and read on for more details.

There’s definitely an interesting story behind Donuts, but Shahin Games isn’t ready to share that just yet. The game has a set of levels that players need to work through in order to progress through that story, much in the same way that worlds and missions were unlocked in the original Super Mario games. The difficulty of each level will undoubtedly increase as players move through the story, unlocking new areas and puzzle types as they go.

As you can see in the trailer, puzzles start out simple, with players needing to rotate platforms in order to direct donuts into the collection box. However, things soon ramp up as we’re shown a level where players need to shoot donuts onto an angled platform, and drop said donut into the collection box, which is being moved up and down on its own platform. Later levels even have boxes that redirect donuts, making them fall from new locations around the level where they need to be redirected once again.

Each game world seems to have its own theme, from tea in the dining room, to the garage, coffee shop, and much more. The trailer boasts that the game has hundreds of levels for players to work through, which sounds pretty incredible for a mobile title. The game will most likely also feature a scoring system per level, adding dozens of hours to the game, which players will easily be able to drop in and out of.

As far as indie games on mobile devices go, Donuts seems to offer more to players in its small package than many other premium experiences. The title is definitely a return to older mobile games, such as the original Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds, both of which tempted players into purchasing them because of how easy they were to play on the go, and the sheer amount of content they contained. We may not have a release date for Donuts yet, but it’s already obvious that this will be a mobile game to watch out for.

Today there are a number of great mobile games to take up your time. The Elder Scrolls Blades offers an incredible RPG experience in the world of The Elder Scrolls in your hands. Likewise, Gwent and Hearthstone offer some of the best digital card gaming on the market, and it’s all contained within your phone. However, these games have eclipsed the smaller ones, the ones that started the mobile games market, and the ones that are easier to play on the platform because of how versatile they are. Donuts isn’t only a game that’s worth the time between tube stops or taxi rides, it’s a callback to some of the best mobile games in history.

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