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More Diablo Immortal Details Emerge at BlizzCon 2019

BlizzCon 2019 is rolling on and will come to an end tomorrow. Yesterday Blizzard finally announced Diablo 4 and generously gave us two trailers to coincide with the announcement, but sadly no release date.

However, we have been given some tidbits regarding the other Diablo game in development, Diablo Immortal. The game looks great but last year at BlizzCon the announcement ruffled some feathers of gamers who were expecting a Diablo 4 reveal (that we got this year) and not a mobile game.

Blizzard have confirmed Diablo Immortal is designed for multiplayer but solo players will be catered for too saying, “(Diablo Immortal) will thrive with multiplayer features including persistent shared zones, four-player instanced dungeons, full Guild support and social systems, and so much more.”

So far six character classes have been confirmed, the Barbarian, Monk, Wizard, Crusader, Necromancer and as of BlizzCon 2019 – The Demon Hunter. Not a bad line up. The characters will each have an ‘Ultimate Ability’ which will make them stand out from the rest.


After the official reveal of Diablo 4, Blizzard released a statement regarding the Diablo Immortal, addressing why no release date had been announced yet:

“We don’t have a release date to announce at this time. It takes significant time to meet the Blizzard quality level we’re aiming for, and we have a lot of ambitious goals for Diablo Immortal. Keep a close eye on Diablo channels for upcoming news and Pre-Register for testing opportunities here.

“Diablo Immortal is planned from the ground up for ongoing content and events. After launch, expect continued support and regular content updates including balance changes, new zones, dungeons, bosses, loot, additional stories, and even new classes.”

There’s also been no mention of if the title will release on PC or consoles. While we’re not opposed to Diablo Immortal being released on Android and iOS, the series fan base would probably prefer to play the game in the usual way they enjoy Diablo games.

Anyway, here’s the official Development Update from Blizzard, enjoy!

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