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Is Just Dance 2020 The Last Nintendo Wii Game?


Just Dance 2020 launched yesterday for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Wii, but not the Nintendo Wii U. The franchise is well known and beloved by many, and while it might seem like a thoughtless move to bring it to the Nintendo Wii, Ubisoft doesn’t do these things without putting a lot of thought into them. Regardless of the reasons behind it, Just Dance 2020 could be the last new game to launch for the Nintendo Wii, one of the most prolific games consoles, and one that got many older family members into gaming through the simplicity of titles such as Wii Sports.


Indeed, Ubisoft sent a PR email late yesterday claiming that Just Dance 2020 would indeed be the final Nintendo Wii game ever to release, not just the last game in the series to launch for the console. However, all this really means is that it’s the last game that Ubisoft will make for the Wii, so there is a possibility that another developer or publisher will take up the torch and release another game at some point in the future. But this seems unlikely.

With the PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett on the horizon, gamers are looking to the future, and there’s no space for older consoles there. Moving forward, games need to look better, sound more incredible, and make players feel things that they could never feel in real life. The Nintendo Wii couldn’t ever hope to achieve any of these, but it was so much more in its own way.

With games like Just Dance, Wii Sports, and Mario Kart, The Nintendo Wii brought people who had never played games before together with those who enjoyed them on a regular basis. In a way it created its own generation of gamers, particularly with Wii Sports, which allowed players of all ages to take part in sporting tournaments. I myself used to bring my Wii to Christmas, and everyone would get involved. From pensioners to preschoolers, the Nintendo Wii could be played by anyone, and that’s the beauty of its simplicity that still stands the test of time today.


Nintendo has gone in a different direction with the Switch, one that is certainly better for them and proving to be far more lucrative than the Wii U. But with that new direction comes the sacrifice of support for consoles like the Wii. Nintendo doesn’t want to keep supporting their older hardware if they want to move gamers over to their newest. The Wii has to come to an end at some point, but that point clearly isn’t now with Just Dance 2020 having launched.

Ubisoft launched the game for Nintendo Wii because of the fan base they know the game still has there. The Wii Remote allows for gameplay that gets people far more involved, even if it isn’t that accurate. If this is the last game for the console, I’m glad that it was a fan favourite. It would still be nice to see a surprise Pokemon launch though.

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