PS4 On Track To Become The Best Selling Console Of All Time

The PlayStation 4 is now officially second best-selling home games console of all time, finally outselling the PS1, which is reported to have sold 102.5 million units during its lifespan. In the past 6 months Sony has sold 2.8 million PS4s (including all its variants) which has edged it over the line, hitting 102.8 million units sold.

The last major milestone reached by the PS4 was when it outsold the Nintendo Wii after it reached 101 million sales, taking that 3rd spot. Now we’re not including handheld only consoles in this, otherwise Nintendo’s Game Boy and 3DS would still be holding the 2nd and 3rd spots.

Now the PS4 still has a way to go until it catches up with the big dog, its older sibling the PS2. A console that has sat comfortably on its throne as the best-selling games console of all time for many years. Even the mighty Nintendo Wii couldn’t knock it from its perch. The PS1 only took the second spot due to the amount of time it has had to sell all those units, this is also something that has sustained the PS2 and kept it at the top, sitting proudly on 155 million units sold.

The Nintendo Wii looked like a worthy contender at one point, the console exploded in popularity, selling like hot cakes when it first arrived with its innovative new take on gaming. It was bought by people who had never played games before and was the first console for an entirely new generation of gamers.

However, as people got tired of its gimmick, many of those who bought Wii consoles drifted back away from gaming. They treated it like a craze and when the craze ended, they moved on and did something else. This meant that the sales of Wii consoles stopped relatively abruptly. Even the Wii U couldn’t reignite interest in that particular period of Nintendo’s history. The name Wii did nothing to help the Wii U, it just caused confusion. Ultimately the Wii didn’t enjoy the slow and steady march that Sony’s first two consoles enjoyed.

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It’s this slow progress that will eventually carry the PS4 over the line. It’s got over 50 million sales to find and that’s a mammoth task, but let’s not forget the PS2 reached its pinnacle deep into the lifespan of the PS3. Even when the PS5 arrives, Sony are likely to continue supporting it for some time. It’s also likely to receive a price drop too which will encourage more sales. Those who fancy a PS4 in another room of their house or perhaps Xbox One owners who are keen to experience some of the exclusives they may have missed out on may pick up a cheaper console. It was factors like this that led to the PS2 reaching its lofty position.

The PS5 hitting shelves will mark the beginning of the end for the PS4. Something some of us at PUG are perturbed by for a variety of reasons, but if any games console in the near future stands a chance at dethroning the PS2 it’s the PS4.

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