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What Should Nintendo Do With The 3DS In 2020?


Yesterday, as reported by Nintendo Soup, Doug Bowser said something that I think no one was expecting, Nintendo is going to continue to support the 3DS into 2020. The handheld console has certainly done well for the company, but since the Nintendo Switch launched there’s been very little it can offer outside of a 3D experience, and most of us didn’t even use that. Never the less, Nintendo of America’s President has spoken, and the company’s last-generation handheld offering will be supported, both in terms of hardware and software, throughout 2020.

Why Support the 3DS?


I still can’t get my head around why Nintendo would bother supporting the 3DS next year, but apparently there’s still a lot of demand for it, as well as 3DS games. What I think it might come down to is price, because the 3DS family are dirt cheap right now compared to what they used to cost. It’s possible to pick up a 3DS with a game for under £100 brand new, even cheaper if you look into pre-owned options. This is great news for anyone looking to play some of the latest Pokemon games, Mario titles, and even Luigi’s Mansion 2. The 3DS is still a prominent entry point for gamers, especially when you consider that the Nintendo Switch still lacks many core franchises.

What Should Nintendo do With the 3DS in 2020?

With the Nintendo Switch on the market, there seems like no point in releasing anything new for the 3DS in 2020. However, now that we know Nintendo is going to be supporting the console, I got thinking about what I’d like to see from it next year.

Final Edition


There are a ridiculous number of special edition Nintendo 3DS consoles, each on styled after a different game such as Minecraft, Pokemon, or Animal Crossing. I think that Nintendo should launch a Final Edition of the 3DS, the last new special edition for 2020. It would mean that there’s something new for collectors, and something special for gamers looking to get into the 3DS scene that doesn’t make them feel as though they’re buying a much older unit.

New, Old Zelda Games


A very long time ago, Nintendo re-launched a number of SNES and NES classic titles for GameBoy, and they were incredible. I remember picking them up and playing them as though they were new, but it was just because I’d never had the console to play them originally. I think that doing this again, but with all of the older Zelda titles, would go down a treat for both Nintendo Switch and 3DS owners. Both consoles are built for Zelda, and there were some great 2D games that are grossly underrated, such as Minish Cap. I think bringing these out as a bundle cart would be a brilliant swansong for the 3DS, and an awesome throwback game for everyone else.

At Least One New Game


If the 3DS is going to be hanging around until Project Scarlett and the PlayStation 5 launch, we need at least one new game for it. The console has a huge back catalog that’s great for anyone getting into it, but for those people who have played hundreds of hours of Animal Crossing and Pokemon, let’s get something new on the books. Nintendo is putting a lot of development effort into their mobile games, so why can’t we just have a 3DS port to make 2020 go with a bang? Better yet, let’s have some of these indie titles the Nintendo Switch sees daily releases for. There’s no shortage of games coming out, and I think that 3DS players would really appreciate being able to access some of them.

I’m sure there’s a lot more that the 3DS community wants from 2020, like a brand new mainline Pokemon game, Animal Crossing, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, or even Nintendogs, but I don’t see Nintendo putting that much effort in. If they do, that’s great! But let’s please have something at least Nintendo. Let us know what you want on your 3DS in 2020 in the comments.

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