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The Outer Worlds Will Be Released On Nintendo Switch Early 2020

The Outer Worlds

Take Two have confirmed that The Outer Worlds will be out on the Nintendo Switch sometime in the first three months of2020. This was announced during the company’s meeting with investors earlier this week.

The game has had positive reception from fans and critics alike and seems to feel a lot like Fallout in Space. Being developed by Obsidian it’s clear to see why. The developer were the masterminds behind Fallout New Vegas, which was one of the series high points. Although The Outer Worlds is determined to differentiate itself from Fallout, the influence is clearly there to see.

The Outer Worlds

We expect a Switch port to be less technically impressive than its PC, PS4 and Xbox One predecessors, but as a 100 hour RPG it may lend itself well to portable gaming. Players may be able to squeeze in a few hours here and there that they wouldn’t normally be able to, so it’s bound to be a welcome port.

Just a shame it won’t be here for Christmas!

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