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We Happy Few We All Fall Down DLC Brings More Unsettling Gameplay


We All Fall Down is the highly-anticipated third and final piece of DLC for We Happy Few from Compulsion Games. The DLC looks to add a plethora of new content, most of which presents players with multiple ways to progress, opening up the game for even more hours of replayability. We All Fall Down launches on the 19th of November for all platforms, but what does it bring to the game?



We All Fall Down focuses on the Wellington’s Wells society, its history, and why the government decided to build it the way they did. Players will take on the role of Victoria Byng for this DLC, as she works through her own withdrawals, which are quite a big deal in the world of We Happy Few. The city is sliding into an even deeper Joy shortage, and the disorder that comes with a society completely going off the rails. Victoria has always been dedicated to uncovering the truth, but in We All Fall Down the truth turns to rot, and it goes right to the core.

There’s a plague sweeping through the people in We All Fall Down, as well as famine and death, all of which the citizens seem to be completely unaware of, as you’d be too if you were under the influence of Joy. People are being murdered by being fed charcoal, and there’s a coverup that the higher-ups definitely want to keep under wraps.

The DLC is set to burn the world of We Happy Few to the ground, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully Victoria’s story will open up the possibility for a sequel, because this game has filled the gap while Bioshock has been noticeably absent for an entire generation. I’d love to see more from Compulsion Games in this world or a similar one, where people are still unknowingly controlled through drugs or food that they participate in taking themselves.



We All Fall Down is a much more story-based DLC, with the survival mechanics of the core game of We Happy Few removed. However, this doesn’t mean that the DLC will be any easier than the main game. Players will be given access to Victoria’s whip and dartgun in the DLC, both of which can help them if they choose to go in guns blazing, or avoiding enemies in stealth. The rooftops seem to be the best place to flee to, and Victoria can reach them with her whip, which is adds a new way for players to traverse in this final add-on.

Everything about We All Fall Down promises to end We Happy Few with a bang. I think that players will really enjoy getting their teeth into the DLC, exploring new areas, and taking on the government in a brilliantly fiery fashion.

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