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5 More Games That Need A Switch Port

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Wait didn’t we do this already? Yes we did, sorry not sorry, but here’s the thing, we thought of more!

Like we said in our original list, there are so many games that would benefit from a Switch port. Where they may be readily available on other platforms, a port to the Switch would bring in that portable element. This adds a completely different layer of re-playability that some titles deserve.

So here’s out next 5 games that need a Nintendo Switch port:

Resident Evil Code Veronica

Didn’t see this one coming did you? We have our reasons. First, it’s an excellent survival horror title and if you enjoy traditional Resident Evil and this somehow passed you by then you owe it to yourself to check it out. Secondly, the Switch has become a ‘sweet home’ (get it?) for all things Resident Evil, nearly every main cannon title has been ported to it, with a few exceptions. The recent Resident Evil 2 Remake may be too much for the Switch to handle, so as far as we know it’s not coming to it anytime soon. Resident Evil 3 also looks set to get the remake treatment so we can omit that too, and RE7 is out on the Switch in Japan. So apart from recent/upcoming sequels and remakes, every Resident Evil is out on Switch apart from RE: CV. It’s time for it to come home.

Mass Effect Trilogy

We included the Dragon Age Trilogy in the previous list so it’s only fair to include Bio Ware’s other set of masterpieces. There’s so much re-playability to Mass Effect what with its branching story paths, choices and multicoloured endings. But simply being on Xbox Ones list of backwards compatible games isn’t enough. We’re unlikely at this stage to get a full remaster of ME1,2 and 3, but at least bring them out on another platform BioWare. Mass Effect truly is a life changing sci-fi adventure, its thought-provoking story and well written characters stay with you for years after playing the game. Those you lose you mourn, and those who live fill you with a sense of pride. Just don’t ask me to drive that bloody Mako again.

Shadow of Mordor/War

We’re a little bit perplexed why this hasn’t happened already. The Shadow games offer some gameplay that would really lend itself well to the Switch. Its RPG elements, such as the Nemesis system and intuitive hack and slash gameplay is the sort of thing that would suit portable gaming. Both games look and play well on other platforms but are arguably not as high-end as many other games that have been ported to the Switch. We believe the games would do well on Nintendo’s little trooper and implore all involved to give us some preciousssss ports!

Digimon The Next Order

Another game that’s conspicuous by its absence. Bandai Namco will know that Pokémon fans live on the Nintendo Switch, and while they wait in-between Pokémon titles, they may get itchy feet and want to check out the competition. We wouldn’t blame them either. Two Digimon games already exist on the Switch; Cyber-Sleuth 1 & 2, both are excellent and feel right at home on the Switch. So why then has the open world Next Order not made an appearance yet? The game is out on PS4 and like the Cyber-Sleuth games also got released on the Vita, just not in the West. Come on Bandai Namco, we’d appreciate a full set.

Assassin’s Creed

Not really committing to a particular title here. How about all of them? Or just some of them? We’ve remote played some of the recent AC entries on Vita and it made us yearn for some portable Creedage. We know several games have already been ported, and it’s perhaps unrealistic to expect some of the future games in the series to be ported to the Switch, especially once we start venturing into PS5 and Project Scarlett territory. But wouldn’t a portable release of Origins and Odyssey be something special? If it can happen to the Witcher 3 then really, it can happen to any game.

Assassins Creed Odyssey

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