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Creature Keeper Combines Creature Taming With Zelda


Creature Keeper was more the fully funded as its Kickstarter campaign closed yesterday, meaning that the solo developer, Fervir, now has the opportunity to finish their game and add so much more with the help of a huge community. Check out the Kickstarter trailer for the game below and read on for more details about it.

In Creature Keeper players will find a combination of inspirations, including Pokemon, Zelda, Rune Factory, Path of Exile, and Ragnarok Online. The game is a top down action adventure RPG that allows you to befriend the local creatures and have them fight alongside you. Players will spend their time scouting out the creatures of the world and taming them, feeding them with unique recipes in order to strengthen them for battle, and give them trinkets to boost them even further. It’s worth noting that trinkets are made from materials that players grow in their pocket garden, which is a concept I am more in love with than is reasonable.


All in all there are 50 unique creatures for players to discover and build a team from. That are a lot of creatures, and I can see there being a wild difference in the synergy between teams of certain types, meaning that there’s a lot to master in the creature roster alone. The combat system is highly polished and satisfying, enhanced by the creatures that players assemble around them, providing an experience that’s almost like controlling an army.

Pocket Garden


The pocket garden, my favourite concept in this game, is designed to keep the flow of Creature Keeper’s gameplay. Without the need to return to town, players can continue to grow ingredients, craft buffs, equipment, and so much more. The garden also plays into the cooking system in Creature Keeper. As players progress through the story, they’ll unlock more recipes for their creatures, each of which will provide a different advantage to different creatures, and must be mastered if they want to make the most of their small battalion.


A Bestiary is also present in Creature Keeper, which allows players to learn more about the creatures of the game. Fighting against and with creatures will unlock more information about those creatures, which in turn will make it easier to defeat or tame them. So far a few creatures have been showcased from the game, and they are as follows.



Amphibole are giant frogs that are usually found being lazy near water sources. The creature’s fighting ability comes from its mastery over its body, which it uses to crush foes underneath its considerable girth.



Individually, a Fellet is nothing more than a weak and cowardly bat. Together with others of its kind though, and fed well on the right recipes, a group of Fellets can overwhelm enemies and make short work of them.



Nokobo are flightless birds with lethal legs. Stories say that in exchange for their flight, Nokobos were given talons that can rip through the hid of other creatures, such as the dreaded Pelliat.



Canvulfs are used to the deserts of the world of Creature Keeper, and have a nasty hunting habit. With a Canvulf by their side, players will see the creature circle their enemies in search of an opportunity to strike, dealing huge damage when they find one.



A Bep is a giant insect akin to a wasp, that simply flies around looking for food. While the bug may look small and pointless, it can easily dodge the attacks of larger creatures, and deal a nasty sting when it gets a chance.



Players won’t be able to tame all the creatures in Creature Keeper. Among the enemies listed to feature are the Undead, Constructs, and Infected, all of which are out for blood. These enemies look twisted in some way that I’m sure the game’s lore explains, but they definitely don’t look right. These enemies form a core part of Creature Keeper’s story, and players will uncover the reason for their existence as they progress.

Creature Keeper is a promising looking game that I’m thoroughly excited about. The anticipated release date is March 2021, but there will be alphas and betas before then. You can rest assured that we’ll be covering the game in more detail over the coming years of development. A demo of Creature Keeper is available to download right now here if you’re interested.

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