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Why I’m Excited About Everreach: Project Eden

Why I’m Excited About is a pretty self-explanatory article series, in which the writers of PowerupGaming gush about the games they’re looking forward to without any real need for news. In this edition I’m going to tell you about Everreach: Project Eden, a fast-paced RPG with a sci-fi setting that makes it almost indistinguishable from Mass Effect, though there are a number of key differences.



Everreach: Project Eden sees you step into the shoes of Nora Harwood, a member of the security division for Everreach. The company’s mission is “putting the stars in reach,” and the first new planet to be brought within reach of the general human population is Eden. As Harwood, players will undertake various security details, at least at first, as soon some fairly worrying incidents start to occur. Eden itself is a lush, vibrant new world, but it has a history below the surface that tells the tale of an ancient civilisation.

Harwood has access to various security tech, such as weapons and a hoverbike, which makes shooting enemies and traversing Eden feel very much like walking around as Shepherd in the Mass Effect games. Players will be able to discover lore and new stories simply by exploring Eden, with many optional side quests that sound like they could be some of the highlights of the story. If none of that sounds appealing, then how about a story from Michelle Clough, a game writer and former narrative QA on the Mass Effect trilogy?



As I already pointed out, Everreach: Project Eden is a fast-paced RPG, which very much wears its Mass Effect influence where you can see it, everywhere. The game’s combat system uses similar tactical moves, hiding behind cover and leaning, and has a deep skill tree with 80 different skills to choose from. As you’d expect, you can’t master every skill in one playthrough, so you’ll be building a unique Harwood with each time you play the game’s story.

Vehicular combat is also a big part of Everreach: Project Eden, something that many sci-fi RPGs stay clear of. However, in the same style as Mass Effect, Harwood’s hoverbike is mainly used for traversal, making for some interesting moments when you need to fight from it.

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I know that there’s a new Mass Effect game on the way, isn’t there always? My problem is that right now I don’t have it, and I need something to scratch the itch I have for exploring a brand new world, preferably with some heavy sci-fi tropes. Everreach: Project Eden has everything I want to fill the Mass Effect void for a few weeks, a short story that can be grown with a stupid amount of exploration, tight combat, the ability to be silly when it wants to be, and so much more. I love exploring new worlds and taking my time doing it, and that’s exactly what this game allows you to do.

Recently the game’s publishers, Headup, put out a new video in a series that shows you the world of Eden, and a little of what you’ll be doing in the game. Check out the videos below if you’re still not sold, and tell me what you think in the comments. The game is heading to PC next month, but PS4 and Xbox One versions have also been confirmed.

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