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Guntastic Is A Super Fast Anxiety-Inducing Arena Brawler


Guntastic is based on a game that everyone thinks of when asked what the oldest ones they can think of are, Asteroids. Well, it’s very loosely based on Asteroids, because developers Ludicrous Games have given the asteroids the ability to fire back, introduced multiple weapons, and given other players the ability to control the objects. So really, Guntastic is nothing like Asteroids, but it’s an easier way to explain what it is than actually explaining it. Guntastic enters early access tomorrow, on the 21st of November, and you can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what you’re letting yourself in for when playing it.

What the trailer doesn’t show you, and this is one of the biggest draws for me, is that each match only lasts for 25 seconds. After that point, anyone who is left alive will just be automatically eliminated, which seems fair in a game that’s this lethal. Players take on the role of a character, and then need to jump around the beautifully pixellated levels trying to kill each other, bringing intense arena brawler gameplay up to date with some wacky and zany weapons.

Each arena has a few routes through which players can run around and avoid death, though some of them will also kill them. The arenas themselves are death traps, and not just in the sense that they’re filled with enemies. Parts of the arena will actively try to kill players, from trains that regularly burst through at different points, to an elevator with buzzsaws underneath it. As if trying to get as many kills as possible in 25 seconds wasn’t hard enough, now you also have to avoid getting murdered by the level.

I think what makes Guntastic such a great and unique experience is the pace at which you have to play. There’s no time to think about where you’re going or who you’re attacking, you just have to run around and kill whatever enemy is in front of you at the time. It’s mental, almost stupidly so, but it’s also brilliant. I can’t see this game getting boring because the gameplay is so short, and I can also see that drawing players back in because they want more.

The early access version of Guntastic will be live for about a year before the game officially launches. The developers are going to continue to work on the game throughout the year, building new features into it as they go, basing a lot of their work on player feedback. The game will have six characters, four arenas, nine weapons, and five powerups, all of which will come together in the single deathmatch mode. Of course, more content will come over this first year, but that’s still a lot for right now when you consider that the game is built around 25 second matches.

I’m excited to see how this game evolves over the next year. Ludicrous Games will probably have some plans for where they want to take the game, in terms of new weapons, environments, and characters, but I think the early access player base will add a lot of new aspects that the developers couldn’t have come up with on their own. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Guntastic as it grows into 2020.

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