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Say No More Is A Game About Standing Up For Yourself


Thunderful Publishing has this week confirmed that Say No More from Studio Fizbin will launch for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mac in 2020. The game is available to wishlist on Steam right now, but what is it all about, and why should you care? Well to explain, I’ve included a trailer below, but I’ll preface by saying that this game is about going against the grain of all that is British, and everything that English people do on a daily basis. Read on after the trailer for more details.

I can tell before I’ve even published this article that you’re confused about what the game makes you do, and that’s a normal reaction. What I can tell you is that Say No More is a single button game, meaning it’s effectively an on rails shooter, but instead of shooting you’re just yelling no at people. You can also hold down this powerful button in order to shout a massive no that will destroy the side of a building, at least that’s what the trailer has me believing.

Say No More Stupid!


While Say No More looks like a really wacky game about shouting at people, I think there’s a really serious undertone to the gameplay, which is what attracted me to it in the first place. So often in life there are people who will take advantage of you, asking you to go above and beyond when you absolutely should not, but we do it anyway. Part of this is being British, which you won’t get if you’re American or anything other than British, is that there’s an expectation to be accommodating and say yes. This is a dangerous expectation, because it allows people to take advantage of you. The thing is, even when people take advantage of you, you’re obliging anyway, and the cycle keeps on going until you run out of patience, money, or mental stability.

With mental health being more important than ever today, there couldn’t be a better time for Say No More to release. I think the game will be particularly helpful to the generation of people just entering the world of work, where businesses expect everything for the lowest cost, free if possible. In one of my previous jobs I had a boss who worked out my capacity for writing articles with me, and we used this on a daily basis to organise my workload, ensuring I was doing enough. This boss then came to me one day and told me that they were doubling the workload, and didn’t care when I pointed out the research we’d done to ascertain my maximum capacity for writing articles each day. I’m ashamed to say that I said I’d do it, but thankfully that boss was fired a day later, and I was off the hook.

This is the kind of situation that others are exposed to on a daily basis, and it’s not okay. I should have said no, and I’d hope that anyone else in my position would say no as well, but I know that there are some who say yes because they need the job that badly. Say No More is sending an important message. Not just that you should say no to unreasonable requests, or even requests that aren’t part of your job description, but you should say no for the sake of your own sanity.

Let me know if you need help saying no in the comments. If you do need help, then the very least you should do is play Say No More when it launches next year.

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