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The Resident Evil 3 Remake Is Coming

It feels like a very Resident Evil heavy news-week! But according to YouTuber Spawn Wave and a Eurogamer report, multiple sources claim that a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is in active development.

We’ve suspected this for some time. The recent Resident Evil 2 remake was a huge success for Capcom and remaking the third chapter using those same assets seems like a no-brainer. It would also mean the entire original Resident Evil trilogy will all have been remade on current gen. Granted the RE1 remake is a port of an excellent GameCube game, although in HD it still stands up very well. As does Zero, 4, 5 and 6.

Fans of the original will remember that RE3, like RE2, is set in Racoon City and charts the final hours of the zombie infested city while the government scrambles to contain the T-Virus outbreak. More importantly, the game also covers the escape of RE1 heroine Jill Valentine as she attempts to flee the city while she’s being pursued by a heavily modified Tyrant called Nemesis. As Jill is a survivor of the mansion incident in RE1, she’s on series villain’s (Umbrella Corp) kill list.

After the fun gameplay in RE2, especially around escaping Mr X, it will be interesting to see how Capcom build on this for RE3. We expect Nemesis will act in a similar way, but in the original games, Nemesis was always faster and smarter than Mr X, so expect the stalking elements to be a major factor in the RE3 remake.

While the RE2 remake featured periods of time where Mr X stalked you, then times when he was temporally defeated, we got a fair amount of breathing room. It will be fascinating to see if Capcom ramps up the danger here, increasing the time Nemesis is active so the cat and mouse gameplay dominates the game. After all this was a main theme of the original RE3 but the PS1 had its limitations. Now however, the sky is the limit.

Resident Evil 2

No release date has been announced but sources claim the game is coming 2020. That makes sense as Capcom will want to capitalise on the RE2 remakes success as much, and as soon, as possible. They’ll also want it out before the PS5 and Project Scarlett arrive with fresh new distractions.

RE3 remake isn’t the only RE game appearing in 2020. Project Resistance is on the way and also features reused assets from the RE2 remake. Although this seems more like a multiplayer spin-off that we expect started out life as RE2 remake DLC. Read more about the gameplay here.


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