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World Of Warcraft Classic Servers’ Popularity Is Still Not Declining

Warcraft Classic

As probably many of you know, Blizzard Entertainment have launched Classic servers on the 27th August 2019. Fans of this MMO RPG have been begging for this to happen for almost five years, and now, when they finally got their hands on a game which is now 15 years old, servers are just blowing up in numbers. We are almost three months into WoW Classic servers, and many gaming experts have predicted that the game would already be dead at this point. It is completely the opposite as we learn from betting tips 4you! There are online queues of hundred of players waiting in a line to enter their realm, and these wait times are getting ridiculously high during the weekend. As we learn from betting tips 4you, there are more and more people that even gamble on World Of Warcraft and lots of bookmakers are offering plenty of betting markets.

Some are even asking for more servers and space, which sounds just ridiculous considering the current state of World of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth is not that popular. Nostalgia, unique leveling experience, different community, vibes of Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms – call it whatever name you want, but this game is obviously breaking all records at the moment.

Blizzard Entertainment even reported in their quarterly income report that they had the biggest jump in subscriber numbers in franchise HISTORY! There are no exact stats for WoW Classic servers, but it is speculated that over three million players have tried this 15-year old game in the first few days during the launch. There were numerous TV advertisements for this product in the United States of America, and their marketing move turned out to be a big hit. Players were actually advised to reserve their in-game character name a couple of days before the launch.

The current state of WoW and Classic servers and two very different games – players had to put a lot more effort to accomplish things back in 2005, while the modern version is adjusted to casual players who don’t have all day to sit and grind their favorite piece of gear, mount or cool appearance. This raises a logical question – if things take so much time to complete in Classic WoW, should we be concerned about games’ longevity? It’s a 15-year-old video game after all, and there are no many secrets left in it even though that virtual world is huge. It can literally take two to three hours to walk from one to another city.

The golden days of Blizzard Entertainment and World of Warcraft, in general, was in 2008 during the expansion called Wrath of the Lich King. At that time this company was still publicly showing the subscription numbers and there were 12 million players across the world who were actively paying the monthly fee for this video game. Since then, the numbers have declined drastically but Blizzard kept printing money by releasing new content and expansions. A huge part of WoW fan base has stopped playing by 2009, and now, they have returned to the Classic servers. Are there are many new players coming to taste the original piece of Azeroth, unique quests and class designs? Yes, thousands of them, and feedback so far is just amazing.

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